Transfers & Slideshows

Preserve your families history by converting your old media to digital format, such as dvd, hard drive or usb.  Films, tapes, photos and slides.  Artistic slideshows bring your photos to life.

Transfer Service

We all cherish old home videos and other video tape recordings.  The bad news about video tapes is that the quality of the video signal declines steadily due not only to the repeated stress of rewinding, and playback, but also because the magnetic charge on the tape slowly deteriorates whether it is played or not. Avoid losing all those precious memories by transferring videos to DVDs or digital files. 

Once you’ve decided that it is time to transfer video tapes to digital, Past to Present Imaging will take it from there. We understand it’s important for our customers to know their memories are safe throughout the process because old video tapes & films are very precious, so we handle them with the utmost care. That’s why all our video transfer services are performed by Past to Present Imaging personnel at our facility in Grand Junction, CO, and not outsourced to a third party.  

Shipping to us?  Rest assured that your order will receive top priority and be handled with meticulous care.  A Past to Present Imaging representative will contact you once we receive your order to let you know that it arrived and to go over your order with you.  We will also contact you when the order is complete and ready to be shipped back to you.  Contact us today to get started with your order and see why  thousands of customers have trusted Past to Present Imaging for over 25 years!  We take pride in the personalized service we provide and are happy to answer any of your questions along the way. 

Video formats that we support

What is on the tape is what we will be transferring, unless specified by client to edit out parts of the tape.  (this will be an additional charge) *. (please know what is on your tapes, if it is tv recordings and we are not alerted, that is what will be transferred).

These charges are for a straight transfer, meaning we start the recording and let it run.  If there are blank spots or mis-recordings that need to be edited out, we will need to be alerted of this beforehand and this will in-cure editing charges.

We will transfer your memories to DVD, USB, or external hard drive.

Video Tape Transfer Pricing

 0-30 min. – $10.00       31-60 min. – $15.00
61-120 min. – $25.00

For every hour over 2 hours long will be $10.00 per hour additional.

EACH DVD…………………….$12.00 ea. (under 2 hrs.)
EACH USB ………………………$15.00 ea. 
Edit charge………………………..$40.00 hr.
Rewind charge…………………..$8.00 per tape
*(If we have to rewind your tape before transferring)
Menus……………………………….$10.00 ea.
Chapters………………………,….$5.00 ea.

 An extra “rush” charge of $30 may incur for projects asked to be completed within a seven day time frame.
* If we are asked to “edit” video beyond a straight transfer, ie.  cut out sections etc., we charge $40.00 per hour.

Movie Film we support

8 mm & Super 8
COST………………………….. .29 ¢ per ft.
SLIDES…………………………… .75 ¢ ea.
PHOTO SCANS…………………………. .75 ¢ ea.

How do I know how much film I have?  If you don not have a footage chart located on the reel itself, you can determine the footage amount by the reel size.

Artistic Slideshow's

A photo slideshow is the most unique gift you can give a loved one.  Whatever your style may be, we can create a production you will be
happy with. Whether it be a classic style or fun and animated, it will be a fun filled trip down memory lane, with explosive animations and spinning photos and text, it will be filled with tons of fun and emotion.

Your montage session will be blended with beautiful music and visual artistry & effects to create a unique experience.  Customer must provide all music used in slideshow. (mp3)
Our method will bring each photo to life with beautiful fades, wipes, pans  and zooms between each photo.  You will also see artistic effects and titles.
Slideshows are great for birthdays, mothers/fathers day, weddings, graduations, anniversary’s and memorials, just to name a few.

Slideshow Pricing

Up to 35 Photos
Synchronized with 1 song (music must be provided by client)
1 dvd copy, Personalized introduction & conclusion
Up to 4 captions/titles
Photo color correction
Approximately 3- 5 minutes in length

Up to 80 Photos
Up to 2 songs  (music must be provided by client
1 dvd copy, Personalized
intro & conclusion
Up to 5 caption/titles
Photo color correction
approximately 6-10 min. in length

Up to 120 Photos
Up to 3 songs  (music must be provided by client)
1 dvd copy, Personalized
intro & conclusion
Up to 8 caption/titles
Photo color correction
Approximately 9-15 minutes in length

Up to 160 photos
Up to 4 songs  (music must be provided by client)
1 dvd copy, Personalized introduction and conclusion
Up to 10 Captions/Titles
Photo color correction
Approximately 12-20 minutes in length

Up to 200 photos
Up to 5 songs  (music must be provided by client)
1 dvd copy, Personalized introduction and conclusion
Up to 15 captions/titles
Photo color correction
Approximately 15-25 minutes in length

DVD Copies  $12.00 each
Additional Photos  $1.00 each
Additional captions/titles  $3.00 each
Additional songs  $10.00 each  (music must be provided by client)                  USB instead of dvd  $15.00

How to prepare your slideshow
This is a very important part of the process. Make sure you have enough time and are not rushed.

Put your photos in the order that you would like to see them appear in the movie. You can number the photos on the back or use sticky notes, or just stack them in order. (Please take all photos out of albums and frames.)
Include any titles that you would like to incorporate in the slideshow, on a sticky note attached on the photo that you would like it to appear with. Choose an additional title for the beginning and the end if you wish.
Choose the music carefully to fit the mood for the production.  All music used MUST be provided by customer in MP3 format or on CD.                                                                      We would be happy to assist with music selection if need be.

Turn around time for the production is anywhere between 1-3 weeks.  Don’t worry, we can accommodate rush orders.  Any order needed  in less than 7 day’s  is considered a rush order.

The charge for rush orders is $30.00 per order.

We serve clients all over the world.

Our Film work

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