Meet Laurie

Moments Simply Captured.

Hello, my name is Laurie, and I take pictures. And I am married to a wonderful supportive guy named Jimmy, who has made my photography dreams possible.

I found my place behind the camera lens 34 years ago and became hooked very quickly. I literally see life through frames and tell stories through still images. I am the lover of memories and the lover of documenting them for you. The lover of beautiful things. The lover of love and life and children and laughter and polk-a dots, tears and little bare feet, memories and life as it happens. When I am not shooting weddings or posing newborns, you can find me roughing it in the great outdoors! Jesus is my everything and I cry at most movies, happy or sad! The way to my heart is a good glass of wine, a big bowl of ice cream and going to the forest.

When you hire me, you hire me to document through my camera what I feel in my heart. With Past to Present Imaging you will not only end up with truly beautiful photos, you will do it in a fun, relaxed environment. I believe in the following…

Life is beautiful. All living things deserve respect. Nobody should take themselves too seriously. Smiles should come naturally and not be forced. 

My photography style can best be described as honest, bold, rich, artistic, chic, & fun. I love the small moments, the laugh lines, the messy hair, and the feeling of love, just like real life. My clients are looking for something more unique, fresh, and modern than what more traditional photographers offer. 

I think you will find that here. Ready for an adventure? LET’S DO THIS!!

What We Do

Let’s cut to the chase, you have probably been on 100 photography websites by now, so why me?  So what in the world should make you choose me?  So first I want to say that I am not the photographer for everyone.  I thrive in certain environments and not in others.  I thrive in outdoor environments, that is where my creative spirit comes alive and that’s where my clients get me at my absolute best, which is what they deserve.  

As an artist, I tend to let my work speak for itself.   While God has definitely blessed me with the gift of creating visual beauty.  My photographic artistry is my gift  to you.  You will get our unsurpassed personal service before, during and after your session or service.  We will treat each and every client like they are our only client!
Your finished photos/videos will not only tell a story but will touch your hearts.  We pride ourselves in the unique, fun, romantic images we capture at each session or wedding.

Professionalism and Privacy

At our studio, we pride ourselves on being extremely professional and organized.  From the moment you inquire with us until the moment you pick up your product, we assure you that your experience will be handled with the greatest customer care you could possibly want.

We answer all emails and phone calls in a very timely manner, so that you know as a client you are not just a number, but a valued customer.

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