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Pricing and Package Details

I truly love what I do, everyday I get to help someone feel beautiful.
It is my passion to make woman feel comfortable and sexy in the skin they are in. Whether a client opts for a vintage pin-up, high fashion or dreamy playboy-esque look, we strive to create a comfortable relaxing fun environment where clients feel empowered and free to express their sensual side.
My boudoir work is artistic, fresh and inspired by you! Getting to know you through a pre-consultation and discussing what you want allows me to bring your vision to life.
I know what it’s like to feel insecure. It’s a blindfold that doesn’t allow you to see your own beauty and can keep you from enjoying your life. In the years that I’ve spent photographing women, I have yet to find at least one who feels totally happy with herself. It seems we are just wired this way.

With every happy email, with every hug at the end of the shoot, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It is exactly through boudoir photography that I am able to take women like you and me and give them the opportunity to take the blindfold off and show them who I see in front of me. And with not one dissatisfied client to date, ranging in shapes, sizes, and ages, I am pretty confident that you will be happy with what I show you too!

I am a female photographer which helps the female client to feel more relaxed and confident. I promise that you will love the experience as much as you love the photos.

More extensive editing requested by client may incure extra charges

Session Consultation
1 hour session
7 retouched hi-resolution images
2 outfits/Looks

Session Consultation
up to 2 hour session
12 retouched hi-resolution images
4 outfits/Looks

Session Consultation
Up to 3 hour session
All retouched hi-resolution images
Unlimited outfits/Looks

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